This trip has taken me

People don’t take trips – trips take people.” – John Steinbeck
so tired my eyes ache. so excited that I did not sleep the entire flight. now i can only look around me in complete awe.
i feel like i am traveling through a Dutch masterpiece….Vermeer light. it is surreal. flatlands, waterways, grazing sheep, hazy skies, slanted light. the two hour express train from Schiphol airport to Groningen is overwhelmingly and poignantly beautiful. a HUGE white bird flew beside the train. three of the largest horses I have ever seen: Friesland. new wind mills. hundreds of bicycles… thatched roofs… cows and more cows… gardens and garden houses and miles of feed corn fields. everything is green, green, green.
canals and blowing trees. old men walking their dogs. this remarkable color of blue: painted trim, signs, window sills, roofs. people with rosy cheeks. more bikes stacked on top of bikes and not a single helmet to be seen. mist or steam or fog rising up from freshly turned fields. sweaters and gloves and scarves. outstretched  arms from a running Ankie on the train platform. chinese food for dinner. sharing memories and laughter of meeting in England in 1977.  awareness of our innocence. Renewed love and connection. tucked into my own bed covered with heavy woolen blankets, i am ready to sleep.

this trip has already taken me.

7 thoughts on “This trip has taken me

  1. I have made the same trip in 2008…what memories you have brought to me..I was also alone….the pictures take me back……..I started in Amsterdam to Waalre…then by train to Paris….spent nights in the French countryside…went to Belgium..ate real wales…the eieffel tower took my breath away…take pics and enjhoy…I am with you in spirit…Vicci Henderson

    1. it is remarkable isn’t it? travel has that inexplicable ability to take our breath away ~ and give it right back as new life! thanks for commenting vicci!

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