so what, i’m i rock star

10+ things you might not know about me

1.  i can’t carry a tune in a bucket. but in my imagination I am tina turner or beyoncé or in my wildest dream i am pink. my musical soul when no one is watching is wide open, in rhythm and wild.

So What

2.  as a child i dreamt of being an artist or an art curator in a foreign museum or an archeologist, searching for hidden treasure

3.  i love Helsinki and Venice ~ the color of the air, the anonymity, unexpected sacred space.

4.  four years ago I purchased my first new furniture: two matching loveseats. everything else in my home is used, repurposed, major marked down hand-me-downs. there are 6 chairs (two that were picked up from the side of the road) in my garage waiting to be recovered.

5.  my footwear of choice: Birkenstocks, Keens and any pair of ruby red shoes.

6.  i love reality TV. maybe for a warped reason, but when i watch craziness unfold on the screen it makes my own life seem “normal”.

7.  floating is freedom. on an air mattress in a mountain lake or in the backyard pool, on an inner tube down the river, or in the grass on the front lawn.

8.  sweet peas make me swoon. so do lily-of-the-valley, peonies, stargazer lilies, vanilla ice-cream and grapefruit slices ~ the candy, not the fruit.

9.  silver, as in sterling, is for everyday use. so is china and crystal and linen napkins. somehow, oatmeal is transformed

10. i still remember the moment at the top of the mountain, just before planting the ski poles into the ground with snow covered eyelashes. wind in my face. pink cheeks. numb fingers. frozen ears. the thrill of my hearts abandon.

11. i don’t like chocolate.

10 thoughts on “so what, i’m i rock star

  1. Well I’m fellow peony swooner too! No flowers on my shrub this year though, as it grows by a fence that got blown over last year. Sooo temperamental….

  2. naw… seriously?! no likey chocolate????? I like oatmeal all most as much as cocoa & toast. We have lily of the valley in common. Among other things 😉 Floating is Freedom — makes me think of astronauts, or the sound under water whilst floating on the back in water. .. Even in the tub when I was a kid

  3. This has got me sighing heavily and nodding my head. Love the cheeky number 11…and floating is freedom…love it all. In my fantasies I am James Brown, especially on Saturday nights which are bakesoulfunk nights and I glide across the kitchen floor…x

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