tending time

two years ago i planted the garden. strawberries and peas, tomatoes and cucumbers and lettuce. beans and peppers. a poor excuse of unsuccessful corn. sunflowers.

much has changed in two years. last year the garden produced dozens of weak starter tomatoes and unexpected left over onions. the rest of the garden boxes yielded weeds and bugs while the soil turned to clay.

even the flower pots wintered over the summer months with dried out mums and long-legged pansies and root-bound geraniums.

my body and spirit were in survival mode. weary, bruised and unable to find root.

this week the task has been amending the soil, weeding two seasons worth of starters and wind blown stragglers. with great intentions herbs were set out to prepare for planting.

photo 2

yes, there are times when things die because they are not tended to, cared for, nurtured, fed, watered, planted.

photo 1-2

there are other times when even two years of neglect cannot stop the growth. onions. raspberries. roses. it is now tending time.

photo 3

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