ground level view

11 patients.  for each, a photo from ground level.  the sights and sounds, the smells and sensations, the feelings


ponds cold creme ~ left over oatmeal ~ resignation ~ palpable grief

 “what’s the point?”

no affect, no eye contact, only a nod of the white haired head


andy griffith and opie ~ non-anxious ~ WW2 vet ~ “I’m dashing today”

 bowl full of breath mints ~ gash on forehead

twinkle gone from the faded blue eyes ~ asking for his wife ~ a kiss on the cheek


the birds will always return ~ the dog always follows ‘mother’

the Lord will one day give her the strength to stand up,

open her eyes and walk by herself

gentle drool ~ deep love and devotion and comfort


eyes lock ~ no words ~ hand tightly held

smell of death and decay ~ stare over my shoulder

 unfocused eyes ~ a tear

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