unplugged in the middle of the night

last night, actually early this morning i woke up and almost posted the following on my facebook page.  am SO glad i refrained although the sentiments remain.

don’t take it personally

it’s not about you

my bedroom flooded after last weeks storm

insurance doesn’t cover “ground water seepage”

carpet is pulled up

drywall removed

everything smells like mold

i worked 12 days in a row

i can’t find my good black pants

people i know have cancer ~ or think they have cancer

some are dying ~ or think they are dying

my dog not only has a bad hair cut, he has fleas

my hands officially have arthritis

only one finger is straight

i hate halloween.  its too close to Christmas

my tea tipped in my purse

my cell phone fell into my purse

life is complicated and i want to go to disneyland

so don’t take it personally that i haven’t been in contact

right now, life is messy and it is about me